We Storm the Building

Thursday Thunk

Each Thursday, I post some thoughts or bits of books or poetry I am working on.

—I call them “thunks.”

We Storm the Building
As dutiful soldiers
We march into the yard
We've trained with no weapons
Yet daily stand guard
We storm the building
Each morning at eight
Bulky backpacks a burden
But we’re never late
Our troops line the hallways
First-graders salute
Parading to classrooms
In khakis and boots
The clang of the lockers
Sneaker-squeaks in the hall—
Our regiment’s ready
for this Reveille call
We stand for the flag
Hand over heart
We pledge allegiance
And promise our part
The teacher our captain
Private our rank
A classroom our trench
A school desk our tank
We've trained for our mission
But they're on the run:
The man with the gavel
The man with the gun
Good soldiers take courage
When placed in harm’s way
So mourn not for us
On our memorial day
But weep for our mothers
Whose laughter has died
Cry for our fathers
Whose tears will not dry
Mourn for yourselves
And your daughters and sons
Left behind in a nation 
Of gavels and guns
Our hearts are still beating 
As we’re laid in the grave
The dead hearts are those
Who pledge, then betray
"To support and defend"
"To protect and to serve"
We storm the building
‘cause they lack the nerve
We kept our pledge
But theirs is undone:
The man with the gavel
The man with the gun

Marble hallways are quiet
Up on the Hill
A moment of silence
For blood that was spilled
But angels hear echoes
Of lockers and boots
Of laughter and high-fives
And first-grade salutes
Of cadets whisp’ring prayers
As they build a blockade
While Congress and Senate
Shake hands in the shade
Of troops taking cover
The captains our shield
We children defending
Ground others would yield
We pledge allegiance
Our hearts beating brave
We storm the building
And they dig the grave
Kerry Larson Luddy

Image from Pixabay.com.

5 thoughts on “We Storm the Building

  1. Good morning Kerry! I’ve read through the poem you sent me a few times. It’s deep and heart breaking and emotional. You have a gift and a talent for writing and provoking others to think and wonder and ponder. Thank you for sharing this with me. XO Anne

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    1. Hi Anne, I wish I didn’t have to write it at all–it is as you say: heartbreaking. Thank you so much for the encouragement and kind words. Much love!

  2. Heartbreakingly true, Kerry… This is truly a “God-sized problem” that will require a sweeping revival by His Holy Spirit to convict and turn all of our hearts to Him and each other, to mend the abused and broken-hearted, to open all of us to His love and wisdom, to banish the falsehoods and foolishness that are stalking our land. You’ve truly found your voice, my sister, and your words are powerful. Thank you!.

  3. Totally agree that only God can change the hardened heart–Lord, have mercy, and bring revival! Thank you for your kind words, too, Bill. I want to be obedient to His calling on my life.

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