A writer and editor based in Upstate New York, Kerry loves diving into the deep riches of the Bible and sharing what she finds with others (she has written a book on the Ten Commandments and has two other books in the works). She began life as an Episcopalian, was raised in a vibrant Catholic community, met Jesus through charismatics at 19, and has been a Presbyterian for over two decades—each experience (and the lifelong relationships made) has been instrumental in her spiritual formation (she credits Dr. David Wells, now retired from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, in helping her to make theological sense of this denominational stew).

Kerry has worked in advancement, taught English, written features for a parenting rag, and had a weekly feature column in her hometown paper throughout college without bothering to change the terrible staff photo from her freshman year. She edits creative and academic work under the appellation of VisionQuill and founded a humble home bakery known as The Queen’s Scones.

In the Church, she has preached, led worship, taught Bible classes, counseled, and created online and in-service graphics and content. She has produced a weekly radio program, created a “Second Sunday” evening service (primarily to serve seniors who struggled to get to the morning service), and established “Stories on the Porch,” a summer Bible study on her front porch. And she has baked. Lord, how she has baked for the Church.

Kerry and her husband Tim have degrees from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in South Hamilton, Massachusetts, and have been married quite a long time. They have the three cutest grandkids on the planet (their three adult children aren’t bad-looking, either). Her guilty pleasures are British TV, French Earl Grey tea, and a dry white. Friend or foe, she will be baking you scones.